AAAAAAAAAAOOO!! Fyyyyyyyfan vad ont jag har i ryggen. Jag lånade mammas spikmatta för jag skulle testa hur det kändes. Asså det svider och värker så in i heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelvete. Sjukt ont gör det. Nu fick jag ingen bra bild men jag var knallröd på ryggen. Hur fan kan man vänja sig vid detta!?

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  1. dessi skriver:

    du är så fin
    jag saknar dig

  2. Patsy skriver:

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    Je conFESSE, que j’ai tendances à être assez anti-américain.Un pays ou il faut un butin de 2 milliard de dollars pour être le chef ne me semble pas très sain…(en même temps, je respecte par dessous tout le droit des peuples à disposer d’eux même, et ce n’est pas mon rôle de français de faire des leçons de morales aux autres pays et de leur dire comment ils doivent fonctionner et comment ils doivent gérer leurs institutions…)

  4. Jøjje meg Petunia. Dette er vikelig flotte bilder du. Det nr 2 der tok helt pusten fra meg. Noe sÃ¥ stygg vekkert om du forstÃ¥r hva jeg mener…StrÃ¥lende.Og du , denne fotosafari ideen var en strÃ¥lende idee. Kjempespennende og utfordren, ikke avhengig av dag eller dato eller ingen bestemt ukedag Dette kan jeg like :-)Flott hverdag til deg i morgen min venn.

  5. auto insurance skriver:

    Enig! Det er en billig jakke, men som hustru til en tidligere ansat i det danske forsvar har jeg et ambivalent forhold til den slags. Utroligt hvad gult kan gøre, Wenche. Jeg har i dag købt den guleste gule cardigan til mig selv, og jeg har virkelig aldrig kunne li' gul….. God weekend, søde.

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    VERY gentle hand soap and a soft bristle toothbrush. However, for less than $ 4.00 you can buy costume jewelry cleaner at WalMart. It is labeled to clean pearls and also costume jewelry.

  7. getting started in hunting. *Moss graffiti! *Learning to eat like Julia Child. *Must watch “Toast” (also, Peach Creme Fraiche Pancakes with Buttermilk Syrup-YES!!!). *55 ways to use up

  8. http://www./ skriver:

    LGJ: Well, since it's new I haven't had to wash it yet, though I'm pretty sure it's machine washable. I would definitely lay it flat to dry though, so that the lacy border retains its shape. I find that you can get away with machine washing all sorts of fancy stuff if you use a delicate wash setting, cold water only, and don't tumble dry. In fact I hang most of my clothes up to dry even if they aren't delicates, because it makes them last longer.

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    Why do they cover their faces? They have the apparent acquiesence and approval of the state. If they believe what they do is right why not show themselves? As to their finances, do not forget the Islamic money-laundering rings. They already handle finance for their extensive weapon and drug trade in Europe. It wouldn’t be hard for them to keep Europe’s violent hard-left groups as proxies.

  10. http://www./ skriver:

    Hey ihr,tolle Idee das Gewinnspiel.Bei mir sind das immer wieder selbstgemachte Lebkuchen mit weißer Schokoglasur; auf die freu ich mich jedes Jahr aufs Neue :)Lg

  11. http://www./ skriver:

    Hi.as usual a very straight to the point article.I agree with your final conclusion in the end some will also leave their country, those who are left will end up in a civil (religious)war.Will.

  12. http://www./ skriver:

    I’m going to pretend like I didn’t even see this post, Peg… because there’s just no way I could choose. *covering ears and closing eyes* LALALALALA I CAN’T SEE YOU LALALALALA!

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  14. It was The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari that first introduced me to the realm of German expressionism. ‘Til this day the ending haunts me (but in the best possible way). Great post btw! If this doesn’t evoke people’s interest in silent films (and the likes of Fritz Lang), I don’t know what will..


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