20 månader

Med min älskling idag.

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  1. elin kärlek♥ skriver:

    Hej hallå!
    Skulle du vilja ha mer läsare till din blogg på ett enkelt och roligt sätt? Var då gärna med i min tävling i blogg :) Tack på förhand! Många kramar / Elin Kärlek♥

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  3. Lorita Mcelduff skriver:

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  4. Geri skriver:

    Meus caros,Eu li e reli o teor da lei mas não consegui enxergar qualquer licença para o uso das palavras “presidentA, gerentA, pilotA”. O que está escrito é que, por exemplo, se uma mulher se formar em medicina, em seu diploma deve estar grafado que a doutora é MÉDICA. Nos diplomas e certificados a flexão é obrigatória. Para palavras cuja flexão seja possível.É o meu enrihdemento.Guilnetme

  5. I think that the discussion of mass and velocity misses the point for drivers entirely. Most drivers aren’t angry that the running-a-red-light cyclist will hit someone. They’re worried that they’ll hit the cyclist. No one wants to be a killer.

  6. As a mother and a physician, I feel it is of utmost importance to vote, especially in this election. I practice in a free clinic and am very eager, for the sake of my patients and their need for personal care withOUT government interference, to vote AGAINST Obamacare. If allowed to contnue, it will inhibit the ability of physicians to care for their patients in the way they need. Freedom is threatened. So although Romney certainly isn’t perfect, he is miles better than the current president.I also take my kids with me to every election, and explain throughly what we are doing, as I want them to appreciate the priviledge we have.

  7. blancolån skriver:

    Mexico has gun control laws that are very harsh and only police can legally carry guns. This has been a great arrangement for drug cartels that hire policemen/judges/Governors/Senators to provide “safe passage” for the cartels.I know, having spent 25 years as industrial equipment sales rep in Mexico, After Kiki Camarena was murderedI Closed shop and returned to my country.

  8. Oh yes. While wedding dress shopping… I hunted down and located my dream gown only to find that it was over $10k. I found a similar (also designer) gown on a clearance rack at a boutique for only $500. I was happy!

  9. http://www./ skriver:

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