dagens 20120331

topp, h&m. skor, jessicabuurman. byxor, ginatricot. brillor, monki.

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12 kommentarer till dagens 20120331

  1. Sydney skriver:

    Wow! You look gorgeous!! Your detox looks like it’s going super well!! Puss

  2. MyzaaN skriver:

    älskar det, hur mycket kostade linnet?

    • Ellen Westin skriver:


      • Mert skriver:

        Thanks for using the photo. Sorry I didn’t have any more real U.S. Flag jackets for you (like the last time) but Terry outidd EVERYONE with the snacks, etc! Your continuing sense of good humor always shines thru in your writing and presentations keeping you at #1.

  3. Sofie skriver:

    Så snyggt! Älskar linnet.

  4. REBECCA skriver:

    finns linnet på hemsidan? hittar det ej :)

    • Ellen Westin skriver:

      tror inte det finns på hemsidan alls:(

      • Carol skriver:

        Hey Terry, so you trust Scott so little that you have to put on a cup dspeoit? Hotels in Dubai have lists of people who steal shit, but I wasn’t aware that Mr. Kelby is listed on those too cheers from Germany,Andre9

  5. Emelina skriver:

    Grymt snyggt! De där byxorna och linnet är så snygga! :)

    • Sigit skriver:

      I feel like I have been waiting feorver to post these bridal pictures of Lauren. a0We did these last May a0Isn’t she gorgeous!!!!! a0Lauren and Nathan became Mr & Mrs this past weekend in Shelby and are now mooning in St. Thomas. a0You may remember them from their vintage, love-filled engagement session here.


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