Skärmavbild 2013-09-11 kl. 22.44.37

snyggingar jag skulle vilja äga. dock kommer jag förmodligen inte köpa en ny halsduk. jag har min svarta favorit från acne. dessa pumps var jag inne och provade idag i butik och jag blev KÄR! om ni vill se hur det sitter på så kolla min instagram. @mswestin. hoodien blev jag lite sugen på också. får kika på den iaf.

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  1. Bert skriver:

    Stay inifomatrve, San Diego, yeah boy!

  2. auto insurance skriver:

    Natasha Hurley you are just amazing! These photos are absolutely gorgeous. You have truly captured the day in every way, you even caught the moments that Matt and I managed to miss – Kathryn Emerson and James Whittaker there are some fantastic shots of your amazing moves on the dance floor.. check them out!! We couldn’t have asked for more perfect photographs to look back on and remember the day – there is no way to express how lucky we feel and we really can’t thank you enough Natasha.. you are simply amazing! x x x x

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  4. another one added to my wishlist! So tempted to download for my kindle now but already have 5 books on there so am going to be patient!shaz (dot) goodwin (at) sky (dot) com

  5. Wenn dieses MAx auch von t-mobile ist kein Problem,an sonsten gibts noch immer diesen blöden Netlock, gegen den bis jetzt noch kein Kraut gewachsen ist. Oder bin ich nicht auf dem laufenden?

  6. http://www./ skriver:

    oui en effet cette photo des 3 filles est tres belle c’est ma preféré !je suis allé voir les 3 soeurs de tchekov avant hier soir : comme un air de ressemblance!!!! ….enjoy your trip

  7. any beer preceeded by “new Belgium” goes on my list – must try that! Hoppy ‘n delicious. My other summer lurve: Sam’s Summer Ale. that hint of lemon gets me Every time!

  8. http://www./ skriver:

    Hi Lynette, and thanks for the encouraging comment! Our church was friendly and warm when I got there, so I give all the credit to the Lord. I’m blessed that you enjoyed your visit.

  9. un p’tit coucou sur ton nouveau website…comment s’inscrire à la newsletter ?as tu changé d’hébergeur pour avoir une capacité photo plus grande ? big BIZgooddayBREEeeeee

  10. http://www./ skriver:

    Muchas gracias José por tus comentarios, que me ayudarán a reflexionar sobre la cuestión.En la próxima entrega intentaré abordar algo más de la marca y la reputación aplicado al mundo empresarial, con algunos ejemplos.Saludos cordiales,

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